Cups Lounge

Housed in a sleek retro-mod package. Everything served at Cups is made in-house with the highest quality local, sustainable, organic ingredients.

The team at rAd designed a space to complement the unique tasting experience by creating a design that utilizes sustainable products and innovative design strategies. The resulting experience is a pleasure for all the senses – in a variety of flavors.

Cups was a joint endeavor combining sustainable design and business practices. This effort has been recognized by the National Green Restaurant Association who have certified Cups La Jolla as the first 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant® in San Diego, as well as the first bakery in the State of California to earn the 3 Star Certification for its environmentally sustainable practices.

It was so exciting and different to work with an architect who not only never questioned our vision, but expanded on it in ways we could never have envisioned. Caryn was able to create for Cups a place very uniquely ours, while at the same time helping us to achieve a 3 Star Green Restaurant Certification – making us the only bakery in all of California to achieve such rating. If you think-out-of-the-box, pick an architect who does too – I did, and I’m glad I did.

—Michell Ciccarelli
CEO, Cups LJ, Inc.



Project Location La Jolla, CA

Completion Date 2011

Our Role Design • Architecture