This is the beginning of something new.

A site dedicated to a new way of doing design. We are a group of designers working collaboratively to change the way architecture is done. We are also taking it beyond architecture - as a collaborative team with a variety of specialties, skills and abilities, we are taking on the challenge to change the way design is done as a whole.

You will see the word collaboration a lot on this site. It is at the core of what we do. Designers, builders, clients and users are all equally instrumental in quality design - thus equally instrumental in our practice.

This site is here as an instrumental tool created to foster a collaboration, open communication, and exchange information. We invite you to come back often, to check out what we are up to and send us comments. Our plan is to provide a mixture of information regarding our current projects, up to the minute industry news, great products and materials, art, music, and anything else that we believe is influencing our work. Our hope is that through your visits to our site you will see yourself as a critical part of our practice.

“Caryn Bailey has worked with Townspeople on our 51st Street Project and most recently on our 34th Street Project. As the architect on both projects Caryn has provided superior results that my Board of Directors and I have no hesitation to highly recommend Caryn Bailey to any one interested in high quality work.”

  • Jon P. Derryberry
  • Executive Director
  • Townspeople

“It was so exciting and different to work with an architect who not only never questioned our vision, but expanded on it in ways we could never have envisioned. Caryn was able to create for Cups a place very uniquely ours, while at the same time helping us to achieve a 3 Star Green Restaurant Certification - making us the only bakery in all of California to achieve such rating. If you think-out-of-the-box, pick an architect who does too - I did, and I'm glad I did.”

  • Michell Ciccarelli
  • CEO, Cups LJ, Inc.